Word Thoughts:  Part II
"True" meanings of words can't be defined in a short phrase.
We must move away from reductionism.
To truly know the "soul" of a word
one must get a glimpse of the "galaxy of words"
that surround it and support it.

For instance, the word "truth" alone
can never be truly appreciated and loved
without  the words of mercy, patience,
long-suffering, kindness, history,
honesty, lying, mystery, darkness,
light, grace, judgment.....
All these words help us grasp depths, breadths and subtleties
of the word "truth."  Truth is difficult to see.  
There is much mystery that we don't see
behind the words of truth.  We can only see
from our limited perspective.  We need so much grace....

My knowledge and understanding of the word "father"
was very very limited.....
until  my first child was born.
It is a wise saying ...
"Children birth fathers."
The word "father" has continually deepened
through the years as my children have grown.
I have found parts of me I never knew existed.
Feelings have been called forth in me
that would have otherwise been dormant if it were not for my children.
My connection with the word "father" would have only
been an intellectual understanding.
How that word has deepened in me....
The "soul" of the word father
has touched my life.
It continually draws me to more depth.....
The words we love
live in us.
We need a language that thrives in the heart.