Honoring Women:  Part II
Cherish, nurture, honor and celebrate what is living
Be it people, animals, plants, nature, or the earth

--you allow what is living to grow to full maturity
--without cutting it off or abandoning it.
--Love is stronger than death
--a "staying withness", unconditional love

Bringing to birth, travailing

--craziness that happens
--new ideas, possibilities, hopes
--Laying down your life that life may live.
--An Intuition that is fierce  
-bringing life into the world.
--your "fight" is beautiful
--Most always, you fight for the right things, the good things.

For your ability to hear truth--to take it on the chin

--Tougher than most men think
--you might crash, fall apart..but your tears are your strength
--you have great resilience..you come back stronger than ever.

Capacity to act from your own deeply held feminine

--trusting your body
--standing to your own truth
--courage to stand with the aloneness you feel

You have huge consciousness and courage to surrender to
the Holy Spirit and allow Him to work
His will in your life

--You are the ones looking at things...
sitting with, pondering, mulling over
facing what needs to be faced
breaking through
saying yes
doing the work
staying present
"the Word becoming flesh"

It takes enormous courage and tenacity to shed layers and layers
of skin to get to the stark honesty of one's truth.

You are willing to "wrestle with the angel of the old testament...
"I will not let you go until you bless me..."

You apprehend God because He has apprehended you.

I applaud you..
I salute you...
I honor you for your courage to live and be faithful to Life...