On Women
Honoring Women--Part I

An outline of a speech given by Luther to a gathering
of women....

I wish to thank you all tonight...

for your receptiveness...

--openness to receive the Holy Spirit
--to say "Not my will but Thine be done."
--Mary's receptiveness led to the Incarnation.
--you listen carefully, especially with the inner ear.

for your surrender...

--Your ability to say "yes" to the Lord
--Also, when He says "No"
--such a yielded grace and submission to His will.
--Some part of you is not so inclined to win
"Me" isn't so important as "we"

Trusting the process

--allowing life to flow
--trusting that goodness will overcome evil in the end
--being okay with "not knowing"
--Not a lot of resistance

For coming from a place of love and not power

--you are a healing presence
--a softness that warms and unites
--extremely fair

For "staying with" a relationship

--especially during times of hurts, disagreement, and anger
--Staying connected is more important than separating
--the great gift of being able to move toward suffering and
sorrow with mercy and gentleness.

Keenly empathic

--aware, attuned, responsive to another's feelings

For a "knowing" that comes through intuition rather
than reasoning
--a resonating quality
--insisting that something needs to be addressed though
unable to give clarity through understanding and words.

For the capacity to be fully present in the moment

--Not just the head, but also the soul and heart
--Attuned to the inner life as well as outer

For holding me long enough in life to bring me back

--A Container

At the crossroads--always showing up

A tuning fork in the environment

Rhythmic, erotic, beautiful

--something mysterious to the masculine
--the Pahna (dark side of the moon)
--Spontaneous, creative
--Sustaining, nourishing

Practical, helpful, especially in meeting physical needs of

--willing to do the "dirty" jobs gracefully

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