Trees:  An Example
It all began when I began praying
about what could I give my daughter and her future husband for their wedding gift.
I read the letters that I received from my daughter.
I listened carefully to the conversations we had over the phone.   
And then, one evening, I was reading over the scriptures that had touched them
as they were planning their wedding.  
One of the scriptures was from Ezekiel 47:1-9.  
There are numerous references to trees.  
And those words captured me and I started on my journey.

I have always loved trees.
I did not know where I was going.  
It was purely a walk of faith.  A golden thread had caught me.  
All I had to do was follow it (roll it into a ball).
My imagination had been aroused.  

Over the next six months,
I traveled a path that eventually filled
three 4" binders
of poetry, pictures of trees, prose, reflections and prayers.  

We explored trees that enhance gardens,
trees that felt like home,
the personality of trees, the sexuality of trees,
the stories of trees,                                                                                              
the age of trees,                                                                                                
the wounds of trees,                                                                                              
poetry of trees,                                                                                              
songs of trees,                                                                                               
my childhood experiences around trees,                                                                        
mythology of trees,                                                                                             
the trunks and leaves of trees,                                                                                        
the seeds and fruit of trees,                                                                                        
the roots and branches of trees,                                                                                      
the inner structure of trees,                                                                                        
the outer weather effects on trees,
the growth, the seasons,  and death of trees,
trees in scripture and much more.

I spent hours and hours over those months
following one day at a time the inner sense
that was leading me in creating this gift.  
I related all these things to the life of a couple
and family in a marriage relationship.

I choose carefully every picture ( hundreds and hundreds of pictures about trees),
the colors of paper that belonged with each picture in the binder,
finding the exact burgundy looking binder,
the plastic covers that would hold the pictures
and poetry in the three-ring binders.

I finished the first volume and started the second.  
I never thought I would ever need a second binder.
And then to my surprise,
I needed a third binder to finally get it all together.
I wish you all could see the finished product someday.  

It was such a great blessing for me to be a servant of such creative energy.
I just followed along.  
I could have never thought or even dreamed all this up on my own.
It came to me as a gift of grace to bless their marriage.
I was amazed.

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