Music Link Page
Music Links to listen to while on the Internet...

A work in progress as I find time....
1.  Writing the September, 2009 article on Emptying, I listened to the
following piece of music:
"The Other Side" by Steve Roach on his  
album entitled,
Dreamtime Return.

2.  Some marvelous music reaching deeply and quietly,
The First
Morning, by Kurt Bestor.  My heart softens to find joy.  I am feeling
metaphors of "first mornings" these days.

3.  A message written to me from a dear friend:  "
Love One Another"
also by Kurt Bestor.  

Here are the lyrics:

As I have loved you, love one another.
This new commandment, Love one another.
By this shall men know, ye are my disciples.
If ye have love, one to another.

"Such lovely simplicity. This stands alone as a sermon on the meaning
of life. A single, all-encompassing commandment from God. The
answer to every prayer. The Alpha and the Omega."

4.  The Theme from  
"The Notebook" by Aaron Zigman (2004)

5.  Gulda and Herbie Hancock play "
All Blues" (Miles Davis)