Love Poems III
This poem is from "Amergin and Cessair:  A Battle of Poetic Incantation"
adapted by Michael Meade and Erica Helm Meade

I read it and then my wife and I decided to re-write the poem
and put our own experiences and words into the lines.
The early inhabitants of Ireland fended off invaders through poetic
incantations.  Powerful poetic verse was used to defend the homeland
from an in-coming invasion.  

At times, we have found ourselves in the heat of battle between ourselves.  And these
words have helped to define us and give us the gender ground
to stand firm, growing in deepening respect and love for each other.
We had fun doing this.  I hope you enjoy it, too.
I plant my foot upon this ground:
For I am Luther Thor
Son of Thor, Thorvald and Homer.
Son of Baobabs, dark Roots, and Streams.
Peoples of Cities, Mountains, and Vast Plains.
Citizen of the Innerworld
Womb of Primal Beginnings
The First Tear
Guardian of the Path of Sorrows
Son of the Hag of Travail
Builder of the Fortress of MaNaWee
Climber through Thorny Passages
Journeyer of Pilgrimages
Drummer of the Grieving Heart.

Here I stand:
Keeper of the Gates, Carrier of Dark Seeds
Refiner of the Dross, the Bearer of Clarity
I am Patricia Annie, daughter of Pearle, Allie, and Nevada
Dancer among Flames, the Brilliant Star in the Night Sky
Holder of Keys to Secret Places, A Shroud of Mystery
Winnower of the Heart
Friend of Truth and Honor
Battle Warrior of the Night Seasons
Brewer of Storms
Dew Drops on Thirsting Wastelands
Advocate of the Motherless
I am a House of Refuge
An Anointed Salve.

Who foretells the Seasons of Death?
Who Darkens the Young in the earth?
For whom but me will the Sorrows of life release their Balm?
Who but I know the secrets of the grief torn Soul, a Scorn Unrequited?
Who forges the weapons of the Holder of Tears?
Who but myself knows the Compass?

I am the Haunting Moon.
I am the Clash of Swords.
I am the Teeth of seven wild Boars.
I am the Breath of Living Things.
I am the Fire that Baptizes.
I am the Sunset Ablaze--
The Black of a Cobra's Tongue.
The Arbiter of a Circumcised Heart.
I am a Mare that knows No Reins.

I am the Immovable Stone.
I am a Maze Unfathomable.
Weighty and quick---
A Hunter of twelve weapons
The forger of Steel
The carrier of Water
The radiance of Grace
I anoint with Fiery Affection whatever I will.
I am a Devourer of what needs to Die.

I thread the Hearts of Families.
I am the Passion of a Lover's Caress. an Eternal Moan--
I hold together all that is Good.
I am a Song of Home.

Luther:        I am the Winter....

Patricia:      I am the smile and scent of Spring.

Luther:        I am the Sower of seed....

Patricia:      I am the Seed.

Luther:        I am the Life penetrating the outer-husk....

Patricia:      I am the new Shoot.

Luther:        I am the first Fruits....

Patricia:      I am what is delicious to the Taste.

Luther:        I am the Oak tree....

Patricia:      I am the wild Rose.

Luther:        I am your Lover....

Patricia:      I am the Heart you may fall into and never touch bottom.

Luther:        I am my Own Home in my wandering Exile....

Patricia:      I am a Word forged in a land of Affliction.

Luther:        I am the Silence--waiting, brooding....

Patricia:      I am the Voice--moving, creating.

                                                                                                    ltm and pdm