Love Poems
For one human being to love another:
that is perhaps the most difficult of all tasks,
and the ultimate,
the last test and proof,
the work for which all other work is but
                                                   Rainer Maria Rilke
Being with you
is like swimming
in a magic pool
at midnight
or dancing
across a rainbow--
I am constantly afraid
of either drowning
or falling---
              Nan Witcomb

Beyond the ken of mortals
there lives my only love,
so wild and yet so gentle,
part eagle and part dove--
and those of us
who choose to love
between the calm and storm,
know we must face the danger
if we want to feel
the warm--
          Nan Witcomb

when we stop
being hurt,
we give up
the privilege
of loving....
      Nan Witcomb

Loving you
is like loving the sea--
thinking I am in control
then finding the waves
crashing over my head--
I wonder if I should
give up sailing
before I drown
in you---
   Nan Witcomb

I watched the sunset
through a mist of tears
and wondered
if my thoughts
could reach across
those aching miles
of loneliness
to touch you
with my love....
  Nan Witcomb

I count the hours and minutes,
fill time with a thousand chores--
answer all those letters,
tidy every drawer--
walk for miles,
try to sleep,
a child in every way--
until I see you tomorrow
is like waiting
for Christmas Day--
 Nan Witcomb

I am drunk with you--
no longer in control--
my heart
at last
has learned
to bleed in silence--
but please
be gentle
with my soul....
   Nan Witcomb

I live
upon the memory
of the last time
we were together.....
 Nan Witcomb
I wait with silent passion
for one gesture,
one glance from you.

Lovers leave traces
of where they've been.
The wailing of broken hearts
is the doorway to God.

The moonlight shines back
at the sun.

The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you,
not knowing how blind that was.
Lover's don't finally meet somewhere.
They are in each other all along.

I want to hold you close
like a lute,
so we can cry out with loving.

I live close to the rose.
If I separated myself from you,
I would turn entirely thorn.

Come to the orchard in spring.
There is light and wine and sweethearts
in the pomegranate flowers.

If you do not come, these do not matter.
If you do come, these do not matter.

I am hopelessly in love with you,
no point giving me advice.
I have drunk love's poison,
no point taking any remedy.
They want to chain my feet
but what's the point...
when it is my heart
that's gone mad!

If I see you...
I will laugh out loud (with delight)
or fall silent....
(I've been deeply touched),
or explode into a thousand pieces
(motivated, inspired, and awed).
if I don't,
I will be caught in the cement
and stone of my own prison.

I can be without anyone
but not without you.
You twist my heart, dwell in my mind
and fill my eyes, you are my joy
I can't be without you.
You are my sleep, my rest, the water I drink.
You are my clarity, my dignity, my world
I can't be without you.
Sometimes you are kind, sometimes
you break my heart but
my love, my essence, do not go away
I can't be without you.
You are my head I am the feet
you are the hand, I am your banner
if you leave, I will perish
I can't be without you.
You have erased my image, taken my sleep
you've torn me away from everybody but
I can't be without you.
I find no joy in life or relief in death.
Why don't you say it too...
I can't be without you.