Love Poems II
O Wild Garden

O Wild Garden, fragrantly dressed;
Nurtured by water and fiery light.
Mysterious concoctions, lingering scent,
Your garden aroma, the waiting canvas---brushes.

Springtime breezes, stormy nights,
Wrestling with nature's forces.
Gently buffeted, fiercely resilient,
Your garden aroma--the invisible element--wafts.

Now this Christmas season fragile, tender blossoms,
Breathe through porous veins, spraying spicy enchantments.
Resting on uncertain currents,
Your garden aroma--the ancient earth--saturates.

My gift to Thee my Darling, seeds for raptured dreaming,
To cultivate, invigorate, deep, murky soil.
Absorb, O dangling earthy roots--
some moisty sensuous pleasure.
Your garden aroma--my lusty passion--awaits.

....Alas how few
there are who strike in us a
chord we know
Existed, but so seldom heard its
We tremble at the half-forgotten
The world is full of rude
And heaven--born castles
Shattered to the ground,
Yet still our human longing
Vainly clings
To a belief in beauty through
all wrongs.
O stay your hand, and leave
My heart its songs!
                                                                          Amy Lowell

If I should ever need to reach your heart,
Or feel the firmness of your clasping hand,
I pray that you will always do  your part
To guide my groping way and understand
that sometimes, even in a love like ours,
dim shadows of unrest may dare to grow.
And in the darkness of these sudden  hours
Your gentle touch or words
Might make them go.
                                                                                  Pauline E. Soraka

The afternoon shadows
gather as the day goes home.
And now the in-between time
before the night
after the day.

Above the blue harbor
the city sits on white houses
waiting for the happenings--
and all the boats are in.

A wind is coming up
and we'll be warmer by ourselves
at home.
I cannot look at you
reflected in this restaurant glass much longer.
I want to be alone with you,