Our Family Poetry Project:
2004 through 2006
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My daughter, Jerusha, wrote this introduction to our
family poetry project:

"In 2004, I suggested a project that our family might
do together.  I had no idea if anyone would bite!

I suggested we create a "round robin" poetry
circle--writing poems that begin with every
letter of the alphabet.

The catch--you could not choose the name of your
own poem.  The person who wrote "A" chose the
next author
and gave them a poem title beginning
with "B".  The point was not to impress each other
with our poetry-writing prowess, but rather, to share
new places in our hearts and keep our creative energy
flowing.  It has taken us two years, but we have
completed what we started.

When we began this project together, some of us
were nervous about writing poetry for even an
audience of family...some of us were nervous about
writing poetry at all.  But we soon found that every
one of us had beautiful treasures to share.  How grateful I
am for our family's willingness to risk and create
and trust!  The whole process of creating this
collection has been a gift.

These poems are a snapshot of moments in time over
the past two years.  They are reminders of the road we
have traveled together and alone.  Some of these poems
describe very different emotional places than the place
we currently find ourselves.  But each poem--be it
angry, tired, lonely...or full of joy--is a reminder
of the faithfulness of God in every season.
As Wes's closing poem also points out, these snapshots
also remind us of the wind of God blowing in us
and through us over the last two years...filling our sails--even
when we did not know where we were going.  May
that Wind continue to lead us to new places of
trust and discovery in the years to come."

Jerusha Matsen Neal

For the purposes of sharing this on the website, I asked each of the 5
particpants to give me the title of three of their poems that they wrote.  And so,
below are listed the poems of some of the alphabet letters we covered.  
I hope you will enjoy them as much as we have.  

A is for "Alphabet"
                     by Amy  Matsen

B is for "Bellyache"
                           by Patricia  Matsen

D is for "Deborah"
                         by Luher  Matsen

E is for "Evening"
                        by Jerusha Neal

K is for "Kiss"
                         by Jerusha Neal

L is for "Laughter"
                             by Patricia Matsen

N is for "Nibble"
                          by Amy Matsen

O is for "Oolong"
                          by Wesley Neal

P is for "Punctual"
                                by Patricia Matsen

Q is for "Quarters"
                             by Jerusha Neal

S is for "Sensual"
                                 by Luther Matsen

T is for "Train"
                             by Wesley Neal

W is for "Waves"
                                   by Luther Matsen

X is for "X Chromosome"
                                 by Amy Matsen

Z is for "Zephyr"
                                 by Wesley Neal