The Dark Heavens
                                            "How much I long for the night to come again
                                                      I am restles all afternoon....
                                            One star stands alone in the western darkness:
                                                           Arcturus. Caught in their love,                                   
                                               the Arabs called it,
                                                    The Keeper of Heaven. I think
                                                      It was in the womb that I received
                                                        The thirst for the dark heavens."
                                                                                               Robert Bly

"The moon has her porches turned to face the light. But the deep part of her house is
in darkness."

There is something special about the night...
maybe it is we can't see as well,
or something more intimate takes place in the night places,
or we hold some of the dearest and most secret parts of our selves in a dark place
where no one else can see.
We get to know ourselves and others more intimately
as we get closer to the darker areas.
We usually are more scared to talk about those areas or show those areas.
The scars we have felt can go deep. We keep those places hidden.

I love to watch the stars.
I have a 10" telescope and at times will go outside on my driveway
and just be awestruck at the night-sky.
The sky must be very dark for viewing in order to see the most brilliant sights.
And maybe that is true in our own lives...
The more we can enter into our own dark places,
the more rich the light stands out.

I do love dark areas because I find myself the most intimate there with others.
Of course, we all want safety.
I am reminded of a little poem that says:

"What we want from each other most intimately is wildness and safety or a magical
space that includes both."
                                                                  Robert Hass

There is something about night being more dangerous
(because we cant see as well)
and our desire to be safe in those places of our lives
will give us heightened anxiety and focus.
I do love those places and long to meet myself and others there.
It is where we trully live.
If the stars should appear one night in a thousand years, how men
would believe and adore;  and preserve for many generations the
remembrance of the City of God which has been shown.
                                           Louise Dickinson Rich