Being Caught By Words

William Blake wrote this little poem that has made an impact upon my life.

I give you the end of a golden string.
Roll it into a ball.
It will lead you into heaven's gate
Built in Jerusalem's wall.

                     William Blake

I don't know what to say or write most of the time.  Over the years I have learned to
trust the process of waiting for words to come to me.  At times I do get anxious, not
knowing what will come forth.  Yet, time and again, as I actively wait, a golden string
comes into my awareness---a word or two that I had never thought of.  And off I go,
following that little golden thread, (rolling it into a ball).  Of course, a problem comes
along when  I take charge with my mind and try to direct the words and organize
them.  And usually the  golden thread breaks at that point.   I lose the connection of
where we were going.

It is so miserable to have started in a posture of grace and then end up carrying my
own thoughts all alone.  Blake says that if we "roll it into a ball, it will lead us into
heaven's gate, built in Jerusalem's wall."  Something wonderful can  happen if I allow
myself  to be led.  

When words find us, they want to lead us somewhere.  
It takes great humility to allow ourselves to be led on the journey.  Our culture
teaches us to "take charge".  Yet, for me, the precious things that happen come from
this place of waiting, of following.  Words desire a relationship with us.  Words long to
rest in our heart.  They desire to bless  us.  So often, we miss the blessing by taking a
word into our own hands and attempting to craft it according to our own whim.   
Words long  to craft us.  

So, let us carefully listen for the little golden threads that come into our presence
each day.  They might be visitations from God.  Carefully hold them.  Follow them
along the path they desire to lead.  We will find something very special as the journey
unfolds.   Doors open to vistas we never could imagine.  Grace is at work.  

I always listen to music when I write.
In fact, I encourage you to play your favorite soulful music
while reading these pages.
Words come alive for me when I am listening to music.
Music carries a certain emotional tone--
when mixed with the words
opens me to a depth of feeling I could not otherwise attain alone.
I am so grateful for music.
In fact, as I am writing today,
I am listening to "Cello Blue" by David Darling.

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