The Stony Men:  Denial
The Story continues....

The hall was huge and long.
Wherever he looked, he saw men standing stark still,
all turned to stone.
And he passed among them.


In our story the sickness of the king in the outer world is
related to the enchantment in the inner world.
There is excess of stone.
We find the true problem in the outer world here in the inner world.
Everything has turned to stone.

In our story in order for the outer world to be healthy again,
the water has to flow again from the inner world to the outer world.
And the inner world is under an enchantment of stoniness.
Usually stoniness accumulates because of ungrieved sorrow and pain.
The pain held behind the gates must be suffered.

And when we have denied this suffering for a long time,
we harden.  The gates remain shut.
We learn to deny any awareness of pain in our inward selves.
We don't want to stir things up.  We think it will only make our lives worse.
The pain at the gates can be felt.  And the lions stir.
It takes huge consciousness to move past the lions and stay with our truth.
The stony men represent parts of our lives that carry stories
about what has befallen us.  And these stories need to be suffered and felt.

Denial turns everything in the inner world to stone.
The pain is buried and encased in stone.
We are incredibly stuck.

Everyone of us has these stony places inside of us.
We need to listen to the stories that the stony men have to tell.
If the stories don't come out into the light, we will remain stuck.
The telling and listening of our stories begins a process of
cracking the stone.  And soon tears begin to flow.
Water begins to be released from the inner hardness of our hearts.
When the heart knows sorrow and never weeps, it becomes blocked.
Grieving clears the heart and keeps it open.
Grieving can have one of two effects:
Some people who have been so angry with life become cooler.
Those people who have been too cool, become warmer.

The youngest son spends time listening to the stories of
all the stone men in the great hall.  As he listens the tears
begin to fall.  Water starts to be released.  Tears come.
The stony men begin to crack and break up.  The enchantment
that has been on this castle begins to break.  
Water begins to flow again from the inner world to the outer world.

However, the young son still needs to find the well that has the water
that will heal his father, the king.
As he nears the end of the hall, he sees a sword and a loaf of bread.
We will continue here next time.

 The Queen, Sword, and Loaf