The Rod of Iron
Each part of the story may take months or even years of "real life"
time to journey.  For instance:
It may take years for us to finally realize the loss and emptiness
of our lives and tears begin to be shed.
It may takes weeks or months before the "old man" appears--
maybe the desperateness of our tears allows him to come.
It may take months before we finally figure out how to
get permission to leave the castle and start down the road.
It may take years to finally get stuck.
It may take years to find the third son in us.
It may take months to learn the skill of listening and submitting
to the "little voice" alongside of the road.
And then, to finally start on the journey towards our inner self.....

All these steps of the story may happen quickly in fairy story time.
However, in our lives, the journey can be long.
We still can find ourselves stuck at various parts of our story.
Have you found a place in the story where you currently live?

We continue on.....

The Story Continues....

Eventually, the youngest son arrives
at the castle with the iron gates...
Everything was just as the dwarf had said.
After three strokes with the iron rod,
the gates swung open.

Whenever we begin the journey from the outer world
to the inner world...we will always
encounter the gates.  
There are always the iron gates that guard the
entrance into our inner lives.  
That is why it is so difficult to reach this place inside of us.
To reach our souls we have to "show up" and knock
on those iron gates three times with an iron rod.
And this is not a matter of "tinking" three times on the gates.
The gates won't open if we just strike them once or twice.
And they won't open if we strike them in a mediocre way.

If the gates are going to open, we have to mean business...
We have to strike the gates three times...showing intent,
courage, perseverance, and passion...
If we truly want to enter into the realm of our inner lives,
the gates will open and let us pass.  
If we don't really want to see what is going on inside us,
they will not open.
The gates keep out what has not gathered enough iron
to make the gates "ring."

Some folks get to the point in their lives where they are
standing at these inner gates and just hit them
once or twice...and nothing happens.
So they give up and walk away.  
And again, here is the number three.  Maybe you have
come to these gates several times and tried to knock on them.
But it is the third time that they open.
Usually there is something more desperate and focused
the third time you knock on the gates...
then they open.

To really enter into what is going on in the inner part of your life
where your heart and soul dwells,
takes a great willingness to enter and desire to go there.
Most people never make it...they just turn around and go back.
How sad!  

In our story, the youngest son has exhibited enough "iron"
to open the gates...the story is leading us....
And now that the gates are open, the Lions have been aroused.
That is next...
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