The Lions
The Lions

The Story continues....
The youngest son did exactly what the dwarf had said.  
He appeased the lions with the bread
and walked between them.
He entered the inside of the castle
and found himself standing in a large, splendid hall.


Some aspect of what the dwarf has to say is difficult to hear.  
We are usually challenged to face some darkness that our
ego-mind wants to flee.  The lions that are aroused on the inside of the gate
could be some of the strong emotions that we have
lurking just under the surface of our lives.

The lions lack nourishment.  The meaning of life is draining away
in the outer world and the inner world has grown cold and numb.
Anger may turn cold and form a hard shell that blocks our way between
our inner and outer lives.
Our hearts  may become stony cold and not able to connect with
any measure of intimacy.
Fear may become so entrenched that it keeps people at a
distance and blocks needed change.
Sorrow can become so heavy that we can't move.
And from these numbing feelings a wasteland can grow in our outer world.

The lions are tired of being thrown crumbs.  There must be enough awareness
and attention to our inner life to feed these lions nutritious food.
The loaves of bread that are fed to the lions are wholesome.
The lions taste something that is real and healthy.
The lions are able to see into our spiritual truth...they peer into our hearts.
They want to know if someone genuinely has approached them.
Are we awake to what is truly desiring our attention from within?

The lions just need to know that we are willing to look at what is real
inside of our lives.  The lions want to know that we acknowledge their
existence.  And this acknowledgment feeds them and settles them down.

One of the greatest blessings I have ever learned about feelings is that
when I acknowledge them and accept them, they settle down and allow me to pass.
When I judge, criticize, condemn, deny, block, or shame the feelings I have,
they get stronger and more fierce.  
If I refuse to care for them, they will devour me and never let me
approach the truth of my inner life.
And if I go back outside of the gate, I will go asleep.
The numbing and stoniness will greatly increase.  We shutdown.
Denying the lions make them more obsessive.

One could say that we feed the lions our addictions.  
And the lions get furious because of this horrible food.
No wonder our feelings get so angry and cold.
Addictions draw us away from what is real inside of us.
Addictions try to give us a sense that we are okay
when really, we continue to poison ourselves.
Addictions keep us in a position of one foot inside of the gate
and the other foot outside of the gate.
And the lions continue to grow more furious.

The lions need wholesome food.  They will let us pass if we really
want to genuinely face what is stuck within us.  
Our emotions need our acceptance.  They need our
attention to the truth of our lives.  They need to know that we are
willing to look at what we have denied and blocked.  
If we show up, then our emotions will settle down and allow
us to pass into the inner chamber of our hearts.

The Stony Men:  Denial