Journey to the Well

Then she told him where to find the fountain
with the Water of Life.
She encouraged him to hasten
and draw the water before the clock stuck twelve.

He went on.
He came upon a room with a newly made bed,
covered with quilts finely embroidered
with scenes from old stories.

He was tired
and thought he would
rest a while.
As soon as he lay down,
he fell into a deep sleep.
He didn't stir
until something awakened him
at a quarter to twelve.

He jumped up, ran to the courtyard,
found the fountain,
drew some water into a cup lying nearby
and hastened back the way he had come.


The inner work of the soul can take its
toll on our lives and we need to rest.
We get worn out after a long period of grief.
Some people make it this far
and fall asleep and never wake up.  
And we never get to the well in the garden.

The time of resting is important.
We need time to assimilate the stories.
Even falling asleep can be useful.
Our dreams are rich with images and stories.
They weave the fabric of our journey.
Sometimes we need help from other sources
other than our conscious mind.  
While asleep, our soul speaks and
passes messages to us that we could not hear otherwise.

We can't stay down here too long.
The young man suddenly awakens.
He realizes that he has fifteen minutes
to get the Water of Life and leave this castle.
If he does not, he will turn to stone.

He finds the Water of Life,
fills the cup resting by the fountain
and hurries back from where he came.

The Wound