Introduction to the
Water of Life Story
I would like to thank Michael Meade for the words in his book
entitled, "The Water of Life" which inspired
me to adapt this story into my spiritual framework.
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Are you one of those people who are looking for some "spirit"--
some positive, up energy?  
Something that would make you feel good?

You know, we've had 45 years of spirit energy--
up and up and up.
Have you ever considered that possibly
we are looking in the wrong place?
Maybe you, like many others, have become cynical--
not trusting the "up feeling."  

Have you been on a spiritual pilgrimage?
What have you been searching for?
What have you been longing for?

Instead of looking up, maybe we should be looking down.
For if God is going to be found these days,
it's going to be in small things,
in what we easily overlook,
in what is hard to hear.

Possibly God is waiting for us....

I am suggesting that God is going to be found close to the ground.
And maybe under the ground.
One path that has been neglected is the one the descends into
the depths of our own souls.

Looking for God these days requires a willingness to investigate
our sorrows, our losses,
and those places that continually remain stuck.

A small voice calls out from deep within ourselves.
Our ego-mind ignores the questions being raised from our soul.
We easily overlook things--
we deny the problems that might exist or
charge continually ahead without listening.

Initiations of water begin when we are wasting away,
wading through a depression--
reconnection to our sense of loss is one of the main tasks of soul work.

Stopping and listening are very important here.
Hearing the voice of our soul is paramount!

Our story is going to take us down.
It is about loss and sorrow, betrayal,
and exile.

This is not a time of heroic conquering.
The kingdom is stuck and collapsing,
full of aloneness.

Eventually, our story will lead to community and
a grounded healthy life.

Surrender is more important than ego-willfulness.
Stopping, letting go and entering into the
inner conflicts of our lives becomes the path to travel.

The energy of the warrior focuses on the inner battles--
against inner dragons and swamps
and incredible mazes.
The stuckness is so great!

The way feels dark, uncertain--
the only thing we know is that
"we don't know."

We can overlook our loses for a long time.

There does come a day when a "cry" will be
heard in our kingdom.  

There is no place to go--
either we breakdown or weep.

Can you find a place in your life that resonates with this story?

The Water of Life Story carries us
on an epic soul

Have mercy upon us, Lord Jesus!

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