Part IV:  The First Attempt
The first son begins his journey down the road attempting to find the water of life.
He is full of confidence and so sure of himself.  
He is goal-focused...looks straight ahead.  He is not going to let himself
get distracted.  He has a lot of ego-strength.

Some of us never leave the castle.  Maybe we never ask permission.  
We don't have enough "ego development" to push forward
into new venues.  We stay where we are comfortable, even though
everything is falling apart.  At least the son has enough to move forward.  

However, we want to look more closely at this as we go along.  The energy of the first
son is not what we need in this story.  This is a story about water, not fire.  Stories
about fire might need a lot of ego-strength.  This story is about water and we need to
learn a different sort of movement to survive here.  All three sons
are going to end up having a try at this.  And as we see shortly,
the oldest son does not fare well in his pursuit of the water of life.

In myths and fairy tales it is common to see "sets of three" actions take place.  
Maybe there are three giants, three dwarfs, or three old hags.  The stories of the
"The Three Little Pigs" or "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" might illustrate this
point.  In life we usually have to make many attempts at getting something done until
we finally succeed (metaphorically speaking--three times).  The time span between
the first time we try something and the second time we try something might be five
years.  And the time span between the second time and the third time might be
another five years.    So, in order to finally make lasting change in our lives, we might
have spent 15 years of our lives before finally entering into the desire of our hearts.

To illustrate this point, I remember when I began in earnest my inner journey in the
1980's.   The first time I really opened up to my inner self I was amazed at the depth
of my soul.  Within a couple of weeks, I ran away from it.  It was too real for me.  Two
years went by.  And my hunger grew again to come closer to my true self.  This time I
stayed with myself for about nine months and then I faded away again.  I was getting
too close to some areas that I needed to look at in my life, but was unprepared to do
so.  About three years later, I finally began to find my way within my heart.  And I
have stayed there now for over twenty years.  It took me several tries to finally find
my home within myself.    I learned a new way of being.  It finally was birthed and
sustained in my everyday life.  

In our story we have three sons.   The first two sons just don't get it right, as we will
find out.   We will learn some secrets that the story releases to us about how to
journey in this story-world.  
Let's go on with the story and let's see what happens to the first son.
Story Continues....
The first son had not gone far when he came upon a dwarf
standing on the side of the road.  The dwarf called up to him,
"Where are you going so fast?"
"What does it matter to you, stupid runt, little next-to-nothing?"
said the prince.  And he rode rapidly on.
The dwarf grew furious.  He fixed his anger on the oldest brother--he thought on
him hard and befuddled him.  The prince rode into a ravine.  
The further he rode, the closer the mountains on either side came together and the
narrower his path became.  Still, he kept going until the path was so narrow that
his horse couldn't go another step forward.  Nor could the prince turn the horse
around, or dismount, or back out.  The horse was stuck and so was he.  
He might have been in a prison.
The sick king waited in vain for the return of the oldest son.

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