The Journey:
I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Dr. Thomas Moore
for his written and verbal words on the subject of soulfulness.  
Much of what is crafted in this journey of the soul has been inspired
through his books on
Care of the Soul, Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life,
The Education of the Heart
and Soul Mates.  
Also his tape series on
Soul and Everyday Life
and Thomas Moore on Creativity.
I have adapted a number of his ideas into my spiritual framework.  
Here is a link to his website:
Thomas Moore Website
and also: Thomas Moore Amazon Books

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The Preparation
Ideas Handled Soulfully-Part One
Deepening and Intensifying--Part Two
Repetition and Neglect--Part Three

Preface: Shaking and Disturbing--Part One
Preface:  Language--Part Two
Preface:  Dysfunction and Maturity--Part Three
Preface:  Complexity and Passion--Part Four


Scriptures and Story:

Moods, Tones, and Attributes of the Soul:
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Spirituality and the Soul:
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a.  Spirituality and Soul: Soulfulness of Ritual
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b.  Spirituality and Soul:  Soulfulness of Story

c.  Spirituality and Soul:  Soulfulness of Place

d.  Spirituality and Soul:  Soulfulness of Work and Activity

Mystery of the Soul:
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Soul Work:
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Page 11

Longing, Desire, Beauty, and Pleasure:
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Pathologies of Soul:
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Soul and Relationships:
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Dreams, Imaginations, Art and Conversation:
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