Introduction to
Soul of Trees

A Soul Journey:  Trees

I want to share with you one of the deepest pleasures
I have had in the last years.  
On the celebration of my daughter's (Jerusha) wedding (08/98)
I complied a three-volume set
of poetry, stories, and prose around trees.
Well, you will get the story as we move forward.  
This page marks the starting point.
I hope you will receive some of the pleasure
in following the journey
my soul led me over many months.  

Here are some links I have already posted on my website about trees:
Trees: An Example
More on Trees

Volume One

A Garden Psalm
The First Letter
A Garden
Enchantment: Part One
Enchantment: Part Two
The Theater of a Tree
Sacredness of Trees--Part 1
Sacredness of Trees--Part 2
Mythology of Trees
The Firebird Story
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Volume Two

The Second Letter