Winter has arrived.  
For some of you the ground has become frozen.  
The snow has fallen.  
         The wintery winds blow fiercely upon your dwelling.  
      Your home has become a place of warmth and quiet.  
    The journey of the winter season is well on its way.  

Winters have a way of clarifying what is important in life.
Movement is slower.
Words are harder to come by.  
The winter landscape is stark and austere reminding us of places in our
own lives that have lost their luster.  
There is not much color or life except for the possibility of a singing
cardinal or a grazing deer.  

Winter seasons can be brutal.   
All the life we once knew and enjoyed has long faded away and decayed.
We must bring a lot of imagination forward to warm the fires of our
All life has descended to the roots…hidden underground.   
We don’t see or feel much happening, yet life is regenerating, gathering
its forces, brooding, and waiting.

When we experience seasons of winter in our souls, we can go through
long stretches where we are continually being emptied of what we once
All the passion and energy of the past seeps away.  We are left with being
We wonder if we will ever be filled again with the goodness of life.  All the
noise is slowly transformed to places of quietness and stillness.  

In Genesis 1:2 we read, “Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness
was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over
the waters.”  
Winter seasons bring us emptiness but also an active waiting.  
We can’t see what is going on.  
Our awareness only notices the cold, bleak wintery days as they flow by.
Feeling comes to a stand still.  
We do what we can to stay warm.  

However, in our depths the Spirit of God is hovering.   
Something is dying in us and something is being born at the same time.
The great mystery of life is regenerating and awaiting the Word.  
Winters can last a very long time.  
The farther one lives in the northern latitudes, the longer winter hangs
on.  (We all live in varied spaces and have differing needs and
personalities.)  Some of us experience longer periods of coolness than
Yet, we have the promise that the Spirit of God is hovering close to our
watery souls.   

We have His promise to warm us.  That is about all we have at this
time…God’s marvelous presence hovering over us as we journey forward
day by day.  
We want to ask ourselves where we might find ourselves…and in
particular, can we feel the wintery weather taking its toll on our inner
lives?  Can we sense God’s gracious presence nearby?  Are we
uncomfortable with being empty?

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