Nourishing Life
June, 2006

 Images of baby bird beaks open,
reaching skyward, waiting to be fed,
the spotted fawn following closely to the doe,
the baby kangaroo in the mother’s pouch,
and the ducklings following behind their mom;
all remind us of the great care given to sustain life.  

 The winter winds have disappeared.  
The days bring warmth, consistent and rising temperatures.  
Winter wheat is already standing tall—
yet green, waiting on a season of ripening.  
Swollen rivers have eased their rush to the sea.  
The great burst of spring is behind us.  
A quieting presence is settling over the land.
Little nuggets of fruit can be spotted on the trees…
needing time to grow and eventually ripen into delicious tastes.  

Throughout the summer, little by little,
changes occur and the slow process of ripening moves forward.
Plants photosynthesize…basking in the life-giving energy of the sun.  

 In soul work we are entering a time
that is likened to building a home…
first the drafting of plans…
then the clearing of ground and laying the foundation,
followed by the construction of the frame.  
Once the frame and roof are constructed,
we feel the house is ready to live in.  
However, months will pass before that happens.  
Much occurs beyond  our view in preparing a home.
The house is formed,
but much has to be fashioned within the outer walls.  
The table has been set, however,
the meal has yet to be prepared.  
The labor of growth is not so noticeable anymore.

 What God has quickened and brought to life,
with all its fire and excitement,
has now begun to take on quieter movement.  
The life is hungry and desires to grow.
The appetite of the soul can be enormous.

The desire to learn carries us along with new vigor:
we read and ask endless questions,
we journal, attend classes, and seek teachers;
we cogitate, ponder, meditate, mull over, and contemplate;
we go through a process of photosynthesis,
digesting, alchemy, catharsis, purging, and polishing;
we consume and devour the rich abundance before us.   

 A mentor often shows up during this time and travels with us.
The soul loves a compassionate and wise mentor.   
All that we are experiencing is new and full of dangers.
A wise mentor has gone before us and guides us.  

We must remember that we are “beginners” at this stage.  
We can be caught up in the excitement of “life”
and lose our bearings or fall into a deep hole.  
We need the wisdom of mentors—
grandparents, fathers and mothers,
sisters and brothers along the way…
spiritual directors, pastors, shepherds, counselors, teachers, or friends.

 “The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save.  He takes great
delight in you, He quiets you with His love, He rejoices over you with
singing” (Zephaniah 3:17).

“In Your unfailing love You will lead…in Your strength You will guide us to
your holy dwelling” (Exodus 15:13).

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