From the generous release of the spring rains,
              seeds, that have been lying dormant,
              begin to respond to the wetness of saturated ground.  
           The hard protective shell slowly softens…
          the new life within stirs.  
                The warmth of the sun penetrates the soil.
                Life begins to awaken from its sleep.  

Day after day the outer shell weakens...                                    
the inner life relentlessly searches                                   
for a release from this cage.                                    
Then, miraculously,                                
as easy as a knife through hot butter,                                 
life stretches forth.                                   
First, a tap root…then,                                 
the shoot toward light.                               
Many miracles take place underground.                                
We never see them.                              
Days later we become conscious
of the new sprouting life breaking the cover of ground.

                                    Sap has been rising for some time.  
                                 This “new wine” joyously moves forward
                            reaching the extremities of naked branches.   
                          The heat of the sun, the softening of the rains,
                        and growing presence of new life  
                      create soft, green buds.  
                       Overnight, blossoms appear!   

Cacophonies of colors explode into our vision.  
Trees become clothed with gorgeous greens.  
Bees and insects are busily drinking the nectar of life.
Male and female encounter their sacred partnership.  
The great mystery of life is being carried forward.
Little containers holding millions of seeds
begin to appear as the winds of spring
blow the blossoms to the earth.
New life has been conceived!

All life in the soul begins with grace—an incarnate beginning!  
The heat of female and male, the passion,
and the presence of Almighty God’s breath awaken a life.  
Within that womb of darkness,
warmth and wetness surround that fragile thread.  
We carry and hold that stirring of new life with great care.
Growing stronger by the day,
we begin to feel its movement--its desire to live!  
We feel its struggle and restlessness
to leave its womblike home.  

Outwardly, the mind is busily preparing a container (a nest)
to hold this new life.  
                    Then, there is the travail, the long night,
               and the birth of the new grace-child!
                           If the mind has done its work of preparation,
this birth will succeed.  

Some births are still-borne.  
The container was never prepared
on the ego-conscious level to hold the new grace.
It dies without a mother to nurture and a father to protect.

                          Yet, some threads thrive and live!  
                             The joy of the heart is overwhelming!  
                              The work has just begun.  
                                 The new life has a beating heart.  
                 We grant it a place within our conscious to thrive.  
                   We are called to bring all the love we can--
                     to bear on this recognition of new life!  

Our lives will be changed…                                               
we will never be the same again.                                          
The journey of the soul is like                                         
the caterpillar being released                                       
into the butterfly.                                   

                                     “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one,
                                  and come with me.
                                      See!  The winter is past;
                                        the rains are over and gone.
                                        Flowers appear on the earth;
                                        the season of singing has come,
                                     the cooing of doves is heard in our land.  
                                    The fig tree forms its early fruit;
                                the blossoming vines spread their fragrance.  
                                    Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one,
                                come with me” (Song of Songs 2:10-13).  

The Lord draws us to Himself                                                                          
and encourages us to follow along
in this new dance of life that
     has been born in us.

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                                        Addendum B
Soul Journey Through the Seasons
Nourishing Life--06-06