May, 2007

“Let us acknowledge the Lord;
let us press on to know Him.  
As surely as the sun rises, He will appear;
He will come to us like the winter rains,
like the spring rains that water the earth” (Hosea 6:3).

“Life will be brighter than noonday
and darkness will become the morning” (Job 11:17).  

What joy in being alive!  
The fragrance of life is breaking out.
The smell of rain, the peach blossoms,
the muddy earth, the lilac bush, and dogwood trees…
all rejoice in the burst of life.  
Green meadows, swelling rivers,
and budding flowers…
the landscape rejoices and praises God!  

Fresh life is so powerful to the senses.
The hearing ear is hot-wired to the heart,
our eyes are quick and keen,
smells entice our soul,
touch is sensitive and awake,
and our taste is longing for the fruit of spring.  
Our bodies tingle with excitement!  

Desire is heated.
Spontaneity is encouraged.  
The heart imagines enormous dreams and visions…
which are breath-taking.  
We “hang on to the seat of our pants”
for we are going on a wild ride.  
The energy is incredible!  
The joy, breathtaking!  

We soar on the wind.
Our feet leave the ground…
albeit with age, we have learned not to fly as high as we once did…
we stay closer to the earth.  
Thoughts travel quickly without the baggage of winter.
Passion comes.
We get inflated, which is necessary at this stage of the soul journey.
We have dreams of flying and are transformed…
never to be the same.  

The soul longs for expression.
It desires involvement with the world.  
The desire to create is God-given.  

We hunger and yearn for some release of the joy we are feeling.
We want intimacy with those we love;
we are overflowing with feelings of longing,
attraction, desire, closeness, and love.  
Life becomes more complex and exuberant!
We live in a dangerous time with such inflation
and sharing the “boon” has its pitfalls.
It often is not appreciated by those nearby.
In fact, some are terrified!

Many winds of desire appear;
some surprisingly delightful and mysterious;
others confusing, frightening and disturbing.
Our hearts are exposed to the new fires that warm us.
The nature of longing and desire beckons,
entices, and leads us to places
we would never have chosen to go with our logical minds.
We desire attachment to life.  

As we  allow desire and longing a soulful place in our lives,
we may be challenged toward more eccentricity
and even a little craziness or “madness.”
There is an element of foolishness in what we do;
for we lack the years of wisdom that elders could give us.
We are “full of it” as they say.  

In our desire to express ourselves, we may publish songs,
write books, hang paintings,
play music for others, read poetry, or just dance our hearts away.  

We are warming up and are rich with life!  
We can be obnoxious to others,
but we just don’t care.    
We are alive for the first time in years…
this is springtime!

Soul Journey Through the Seasons
New Wineskins--06/07