Addendum--June, 2007
Mentors show up at various times along the journey of the soul.
Some have particular insights
about the place to which we are journeying.  
Most of us might be aware of the saying,
“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”  
At certain moments women, men, teachers, pastors, therapists, business
relationships, and friends appear on our travel through life
the moment we need them…very uncanny and surreal.   

They show up in our dreams…
men and women whom we have never met
but have found them in books or in movies we have watched.  
They all help us grow, ripen, and mature.  

Without them, we would be stuck in an eddy of water, a tide pool…
apart from the flowing river, stagnating and withering away.  
In our world today we have lost the richness
of being apprentices, novices, followers, and students.  
Those words need some “love.”  

At age 21, we are thrown out into the world
and expected to perform with our “acts together.”  
The idea of mentoring needs some crafting
to redeem it from the wasteland…
it has been wandering in the desert too long.  
It is a shame that we don’t apprehend those guests that enter our lives.  

 The poem “That Journey’s Are Good” by Rumi
encourages us in our journey
as we begin to touch the fringes of summer.  
Rumi’s mentor changed his life.  
I have had several…they are like “family”
and they breathe near my heart.

That Journey’s Are Good

If a fir tree had a foot or two like a turtle…or a wing,
Do you think it would just wait for the saw to enter?

You know the sun journeys all night under the earth;
If it didn’t, how could it throw up its flood of light in the east?
And salt water climbs with such marvelous swiftness to the sky.
If it didn’t, how would the cabbages be fed with the rain?

Have you thought of Joseph lately?
Didn’t he leave his father in tears, going?
Didn’t he then learn how to understand dreams, and give away grain?

And you, if you can’t leave your country
You could go into yourself and become a ruby mine
Open to the gifts of the sun.
You could travel from your manhood into your inner man,
Or from your womanhood into the inner woman.
By a journey of that sort earth became a place where you find gold.

So leave your complaints and self-pity and internalized death-energy.
Don’t you realize how many fruits have already escaped
Out of sourness into sweetness?
A good source of sweetness is a teacher; mine is named Shams.
You know, every fruit grows more handsome in the light of the sun.