Addendum June, 2006
   There are two centers from which we can live.
One throws us outside of ourselves,
being aware of the world around us.  
The other drops down inside us and is aware of the inner space.

We have these images of outer and inner,
the false identity and the true identity,
outer man and inner man.  

One way of crafting this is to say
our heads (egos) govern the outside world.  
It is more command oriented and top-down control.  

Our souls govern the inner world.   
Some might like to use the word heart,
(although, I see the heart as having its own particular usefulness.)

Movement in the inner world meanders,
follows along, journeys…
not knowing where it is going.  

The outer world energy is more logical,
controlled, problem-solving, fixing;
it reasons, analyzes, and desires perfection.  

The inner world of the soul remains present
to the unfolding of life, loves mystery,
easily acknowledges our impotency and weakness,
relates easily without condemnation to our humanity,
and does not enjoy being in control or needing explanations.  
The soul communicates in dreams, symbols,
images, memories, imaginations, moods,
longings, desires, passions, and emotions.  

The soul is not the mind.  
Jesus made this distinction when He said,
“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul,
with all your mind, and all your strength” (Mark 12:30).  
Jesus made a clear distinction between soul and mind.  

   The decision that confronts us
is which center will have the influence of guiding our lives.  
Under the direction of the Holy Spirit,
the task of the heart is to set the direction we should walk…

”My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed” (Psalm 57:7).  

Sometimes it is necessary to live in the outer energy
and manage our life in appropriate ways.  
On other occasions we engage our souls,
listening closely to the threads that are forming.  
We need both centers of energy to be balanced and mature.

However, some of us only walk with one leg…
the leg of reason, logic, control, and fixing.  
We know little about the other leg--the realm of the soul.

   My burden during the last years
has been to help us find our “soul home.”
Sadly, most of us have not cultivated this aspect of our lives.  

Finding our soul home is one of the journeys we all must ponder.
Sadly, some people remain in hibernation,
living out of their “heads” for years…maybe their entire lifetimes.
Some have a vague sense of their inner world
and have no desire to moor in those waters.  
And then there are others who swim
as often as they can in the inner ocean.   

We are meant to travel between the two worlds,
the outer and the inner.

   The poem, “I Laugh When I Hear the Fish” brings this truth home.
To be real in the world,
we must find where our soul is hidden.  
Otherwise, we will live as hollowed-out shells,
emptied of soul.  
One of the challenges today is to find a faith
that is soulful (which embraces our humanity)
rather than being just intellectual or visionary.

I Laugh When I Hear the Fish

   I laugh when I hear that the fish in the water is thirsty.
   You don’t grasp the fact that
what is most alive of all is inside your own house.

   And so, you walk from one holy city to the next with a confused look!
   Go wherever you like, to Calcutta or Tibet
(New York, Los Angeles or Rome);

   If you can’t find where your soul is hidden,
for you the world will never be real!