Addendum July, 2006

   The labor of the soul nourishes the growing life.
Soul work is a term that is used to describe this process.  

There is also ego-work
which never accomplishes what the soul desires.  
We need discernment to know the difference.
The place of the ego-mind (outer self)
is to mirror the activity that is cooking in the soul (inner self).

Mirroring is a quality of loving.  
When we mirror something (reflect and ponder),
the result can either be towards “life” or “death.”  

Criticalness and judgmentalism whither the growth of the new life.  
The attitude in our minds should be
one of humility, grace, mercy
and forbearance toward the labor of our souls.  
Asking questions, following along, encouraging,
reflecting and contemplation should be our mind’s focus.  

The soul needs to be mirrored to develop and grow.  
The soul needs consciousness…
to be noticed and appreciated.  
It needs the ego-mind to embrace
and receive the growing life that is being nurtured within…
to make what is growing
an intrical part of our daily life and awareness.  

This involves “hanging out” with ourselves—
our inner life, being present to what is unfolding,
feeling the feelings without judgment,
giving unconditional acceptance and love.

“He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will
rejoice over you with singing” (Zephaniah 3:1)

The Newborn

   A wise man spoke to his friends about a newborn baby.
   “This child may cry out in its helplessness, but it doesn’t
   Want to go back to the darkness of the womb.”

   And so it is with your soul when it finally leaves the nest
   And flies out into the sky over the wide plain of a new life.
   Your soul would not trade that freedom for the warmth of where it was.

   Let loving lead your soul.
   Make it a place to retire to,
   A kind of monastery cave, a retreat
   For the deepest core of being.

   Then build a road from there to God.

   Let every action be in harmony with your soul
   And its soul-place, but don’t parade
   Those doings down the street on the end of a stick!

   Keep quiet and secret with soul work.
   Don’t worry so much about your body.
   God sewed that robe.  Leave it as is.
   Be more deeply courageous…
   Engage your soul.