Following Along
                                                          "Restore us again, O God,
                                                            and show the light of Your countenance."

                                                 Hebrews 10:9
                                                                     "I have come to do Your will."

                                               Micah 5:3-4
                                                             "But you who are little, shall come forth.
                                                              She who travails shall bring forth.
                                                                And He shall stand."

Luke 1:45-48
"Blessed is she who believed that there would
be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord.
My soul magnifies and extols the Lord,
and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior:
For He has looked upon the low estate of His handmaiden."

"Restore us again, O God,
and show the life of Your countenance."
Time and again we arrive at this place of emptiness.  
We have traveled the road of tears, sorrows have surrounded us.
We have wandered again from the presence of the Lord.

And from this desperate place, we cry out.
"Restore us again, O God."
We ask that He show the light of His countenance.  We so desire
to know we are forgiven and accepted.   
We want to feel His "shine" on us again.
We have missed it so.

"I have come to do Your will."
Our priorities must be set straight again.
Part of repentance and renewal is to learn to follow along.
We give up our stubbornness and independence.
We learn to be followers.
I remember listening to the poet William Stafford and he shared
that he learned to give up the "command style" of living and replaced it with a
style that "followed along."
This style requires more humility and grace.  It is one that yields.
I think obedience is learning to "follow along."  It does not start
from some ego-strength place in us that commands us to obey.  I rather consider
obedience as a response to grace that is working within us.
We naturally respond, "I have come to do Your will."

When we have been awakened by the Holy Spirit,
we follow along...a walk of faith.  We are not sure where we are going.
We just take one step at a time and enter into the word
that has stirred our hearts.

All beginnings are small.
As we follow along, we begin to notice a strength growing again within us.
And as the strength gathers: a growing travail.
What God has planted within us desires to grow.
At times it makes us uncomfortable because it is enlarging
itself within our inner wombs.  
It desires to become conscious and stand in the light of  day.  
All that is asked of us is to be present and follow along.
The word that has been conceived within us is alive.

                                                   And the only response that grows within us is:
                                   "My soul magnifies and extols the Lord,
                                    and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior:
                                  For He has looked upon
                                        the low estate of his handmaiden."

                                                We are alive again.
                                                God has come to us.
                                                 He has not forsaken us.
                                                     He has caused the light of
                                                     His countenance to shine upon us.
                                                    We are pregnant with life.
                                                       We worship and magnify the Lord.
                                                    We rejoice!
                                                            He has again looked upon our low estate.
                                                         He has had mercy upon us.
                                                           He has come alongside of u
                                                        We are growing again!
                                                           Something new is desiring to be born
                                                         within our lives.