The art of devotion begins with finding a place
where we can be still.
It takes time to develop the discipline of quietness.
From quietness, we can begin to contemplate.
This means to slow down, to take time to be open,
and ponder what we are seeing.  One of the difficulties we have
is we get "caught in seeing life" from a narrow perspective.
As we meditate, we give the chance for the Holy Spirit
to awaken our "seeing."  We have experiences like, " Oh, now I see!"
or "Whow, I have never seen that before!"  

                                     From contemplation we begin
                                      to perceive in a deeper sense
                                         what really lies before us.  
                                             Much insight is just out of our awareness.
                                         Through our imaginations the
                                           Holy Spirit opens our hearts to new
                                        visitations of thought,
                                           experience, and reality.

We then begin to engage our minds to grapple with our new "seeings."
We begin to ask the question , "What is being asked of us?"  "How are we
going to respond to this movement of grace?"

It is my hope that in the following devotionals,
you might find some pathways to walk upon.
Sit with each devotional instead of analyzing it.
Let each page address you.
Listen.  Be in its presence.  Give it opportunity to speak to you.
It has been my intent with this website to offer various expressions
for us to contemplate, to be awakened to new and fresh
"heart words."  Using pictures and words...and you could add your own music
in the background...they might give you a deeper spiritual experience.
Lectionary, Cycle C:
Being Awake
A Voice Crying in the Wilderness
Guarding Your Heart
Following Along
Lectionary, Cycle B:
Lectionary, Cycle A:
Awake From Sleep